The hotel is named after Vittoria Aganoor Pompilij, Umbria’s most famous female poet, who lived in the early 1900s.
Vittoria Aganoor was of Armenian descent, born in Padua on 26 May 1855. She wrote many lyrics, some of which were set to music, as well as collections of verses, such as Leggenda Eterna [Eternal Legend], considered to be her masterpiece, and the Canzoniere poetry collection.

In 1901, she married Guido Pompilij, a scholar, historian and Perugian politician, and moved to Umbria to a house in Monte del Lago on Lake Trasimeno. Giosuè Carducci wrote about her wedding, and the period that followed was the happiest of her life because the great love that bound the couple brought her new inspiration. This led to her book Nuove Liriche [New Lyrics], which are delicate compositions describing the views and life at Lake Trasimeno, including a poem on Zocco Castle, which was located right below her house and fascinated her.

Struck by an incurable disease, she died in Rome on 8 May 1910. Her husband could not bear the loss and shot himself with a pistol.


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