Lake Trasimeno

Like other Lago Trasimeno Hotels, Hotel Aganoor is located in one of the most fascinating areas of Italy, rich in history and art.

The Umbrian town of Castiglione del Lago, only a few kilometres from Tuscany, is in fact close to the most important cultural cities of central Italy, such as Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Siena and Cortona. It is also not far from Rome or Florence. The Umbria region, known as ‘the green heart of Italy’, is unique for the beauty of its landscapes and its culinary tradition. Exceptional food, history and culture are essential elements for an unforgettable and enjoyable holiday. Lake Trasimeno’s hotels are set in magnificent landscapes, where the beauty of nature and the many historic towns together provide a unique experience. According to one legend, the lake is named after Prince Trasimeno, son of the god Tyrrhenian, who came on a visit to the lands of ancient Etruria and arrived at the lake. Because of the summer heat, the Prince decided to bathe. The nymph Agilla, struck by his beauty, seduced him with her singing. Entranced by her beautiful voice, Prince Trasimeno went further out into the water, where, overcome by emotion, he drowned. Since then it is said that on August evenings when a gentle breeze blows through the leaves of the trees, it is the lament of the nymph Agilla crying for her handsome prince. The name ‘Trasimeno’ may also derive from the geographical position of the lake itself: ‘Trans – Menio’, or beyond Mount Menio, as the mountain that borders the lake to the north was called in pre-Roman times. Lake Trasimeno, with an area of ​​128 km² and a circumference of about 54 km, is the largest lake in central Italy and the fourth in size of all the Italian lakes. In the Lake Trasimeno area, the fishing tradition merges with those of the rural world, and among magical and unspoilt landscapes, food, wine, art, traditions, faith and folklore come together in one harmonious whole.

Lake Trasimeno


The Surrounding Area


The Harmony and Charm of the Lake, Towns and Hills


All the news for 2015 is in the new Consortium URAT 2015 catalogue, an important guide to help you discover the region’s wealth of art, history, nature, food and wine.

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